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You can't make phenomenal wine from low-quality grapes. That's why Millner Heritage Vineyard & Winery starts with the basics-growing some of the best grapes in the area. Our team works on our nine-acre vineyard tirelessly to produce rewarding harvests. You'll appreciate our efforts when you taste our wine.

We're a winery in Kimball, MN that has mastered the wine-making process. Our experts can make a variety of delicious wines from healthy grapes of different varieties.

Along with our excellent wine, we also have beautiful views. Our vineyard makes a perfect wedding venue.

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Find a wine with a finish you love

We're confident that you'll discover a wine or two you love among our fifteen types of wine. You'll appreciate that each of our wines includes expertly blended flavors with Hungarian, French, American and German influences. You can visit us to find wines that are:

  • Crisp
  • Semi-sweet
  • Dry
  • Fruity
  • Oaky
  • Soft

Our wines also differ in body and aroma. You can try our wines during one of our tours, or you can come in for tastings.

Interested in Tasting Over Fifteen Types of Wine?

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About the Millner family

The Millner family has always had a passion for making exceptional wine, no matter how much work it takes. To maintain a high standard of quality, we started small. We planted the first vines in 2006 and slowly grew over the years.

Our family understands that every part of the process matters, even the equipment used. We use state-of-the-art equipment, such as stainless-steel tanks and temperature control systems. Visit our vineyard today to taste our home-pressed wine in Kimball, MN for yourself.

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