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Freizeit meaning "Free Time," this wine is made with Seyval Blanc which is a French Hybrid. It is a light bodied dry white, not too terribly unlike Pinot Grigio in nature; not an overabundance of fruity tones. Serve chilled.

Awards: Bronze Medal 2010 & 2011, Cold Climate Wine Competition
Price: $12.99


Drága translates roughly to "precious" in Hungarian, this is our fullest bodied dry red. This wine is made with Marquette, has extended skin fermentation, and is barrel aged for twelve months in primarily Hungarian with some American and French as well. Nice complexity to this unfiltered wine with a little tannin, but not overpowering. Do not chill.
Awards: Silver medal winner ICCWC 2013.
2008 & 2009 Silver medals, Bronze 2011, International Cold Climate Wine Competition.
Price: $15.99


Neuhaus is the name of our town of origin in Austria. This wine is made with Marquette, but unlike Drága, this is not barrel aged. Thus, it tends to be a bit crisper with a little more fruit. Does well with lighter beef dishes or some pork such as Austrian Schnitzel! Do not chill.
Awards: Bronze medal 2009, Gold Medal 2011, International Cold Climate Wine Competition
Price: $14.99

Off Dry / Semi-Sweet

What The Foch

This is a red wine but unlike most reds, it is not very tannic or heavy. It was fermented using a more typical white wine yeast, thus bringing out a lot more fruity tones. Lots of black cherry and blackberry tones, no oak. For those looking for that elusive wine between lighter whites and heavier reds, this may possibly be a perfect fit! Do not chill.
Price: $12.99

Mein Onkel

This wine is dedicated to the memory of Dick Millner, our uncle/brother who passed away in February 2010. Full of life and laughter, his presence at the winery, constant jokes, and quick wit will always be missed. This wine is a light bodied semi-sweet made with Sabrevois with a touch of Marquette and Frontenac. Do not chill. We believe Dick is looking down from heaven watching us enjoy this wine.
Price: $12.99


Meaning "Sunset" in Hungarian, a varietal Frontenac Gris fermented on the skins for a few days before being pressed. This is a little higher alcohol than most rose' wines with apricot and berry tones, so it does more body than you might expect out of rose'. Excellent with salmon, we recommend having this wine with enjoyable company while watching a sunset. Serve chilled.
Price: $12.99


Named after the ship our family sailed to America in 1882, thus beginning the family tree in Minnesota. Made primarily with free run Frontenac Gris and Fermented cold, notes of Apricot, grape fruit and citrus come to mind. No oak and finished semi-sweet. This wine will take you on a journey!
Silver Medal Winner 2013 ICCWC. Silver Medal 2010, Gold Medal 2011 International Cold Climate Wine Competition
Price: $13.99


Meaning rascal or trouble maker, as a non-traditional white wine it lives up to its name. Made with Brianna, this is a semi-sweet foxy white wine with a slight tart finish, light bodied no oak. Enjoy chilled and around your favorite trouble makers!
Price: $11.99



Translating to "Northern Sweet" in German, this wine is our sweetest red. Blending a few different Labrusca varieties so do not expect oak or tannin with this wine. It is sweet, light, and fruity, the quintessential "American grape juice" kind of taste that will probably remind you of grape juice from your childhood. Serve Chilled. Drink within 1-2 years.
Price: $11.99


(This is a new wine!) Try saying that! It means Good Times in German. It is made with Prairie Star grapes, but instead of fermenting it all the way to dryness as with Freizeit, I left it semi-sweet. It is a wonderful easy drinking fruity wine, with no barrel aging. Hints of apple, mango, pineapple, and melon come through. Serve chilled.
Price: $15.99

Little Iza

Named after Jon and Anna's daughter, Izabella, this is a wine like no other. Made with 100% La Crescent grapes, to our winemaker Jon Millner, this is the best white grape variety in Minnesota. This wine screams a lot of apple and pineapple tones, yet its sweetness is nicely balanced with acidity so it doesn't taste syrupy.This wine won the Governor's cup for Best Wine made in Minnesota in 2013. Serve chilled.
Awards: Gold Medal 2008, Bronze Medal 2009 International Cold Climate Wine Competition.
Price: $14.99



Meaning Grandpa in Hungarian, named after grandpa Don Millner. This is a ruby style port wine made with a blend of Marquette and Frontenac and fortified with brandy in traditional port method. The alcohol is about 20%, thus, it is somewhat sweet, but also a very stiff drink! Great with dark chocolate or if having with cheeses, a nice strong cheese like Roquefort or Gorgonzola. Drink within 5-10 years.
Price: $19.99